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hi, i'm mary

austin-based artist

Hi there! I'm Mary. I'm an Austin-based artist.


I was born and raised in El Paso, Texas. As a fourth-generation artist, I grew up surrounded by art supplies and music. My early memories include watching my mom paint portraits and my dad perform with his band. 

My work is intimate and dreamy, an exploration of women. Whether I am painting in my studio or embroidering on the back porch, my art is made from the peacefulness of my home and the restlessness of my heart. 


Thank you for being a part of this adventure with me!


Latest Exhibitions

November 2023

Austin Studio Tour, Big Medium


March 2023

FEMME, a featured group show with Marcella Colaveccio and Sophie Gori, atxGals


January 2022

Solo Installation, The Cathedral


November 2021

Austin Studio Tour, Big Medium


June 2021

Bodies of Work, curated by Leah Bury


May 2021

BLOOM, atxGals


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